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i would love so much to see some Firefly fics written for this, so please you have been wanting to or think you can write an epic Firefly story head on over and sign up, the world needs more Firefly fic!

Come and join the [livejournal.com profile] jossverse_bb.
Write or create art for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, or Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

Minimum word count is 10,000 words. To learn more read the FAQ

Author Sign Ups | Artists Sign Ups

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Sign ups are now open for the second round of [livejournal.com profile] xover_exchange, a multifandom crossover fic exchange!

Firefly is one of 50 eligible fandoms and we'd love to have more Firefly writers participating!
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Over at [livejournal.com profile] buffyquestions this week we are asking what are your favourite Firefly friendship fics?
Self-pimping is allowed. ;)
So come on over to [livejournal.com profile] buffyquestions and tell us!

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Inspired by Kaylee's line "You ever sail in a Firefly?"

You ever sail
in the deep, black space
and from
and between
worlds, of varying
class and culture
and human understanding?
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Twelve Fandoms. Twelve Days.

Firefly is one of the accepted fandoms!

Did you ever want to read more of your favorite fic without having to write it? I know I do. So, the recathon was born. From now until November 30, please make as many recs as you can.

Beginning on December 13 (Sunday) and continuing one fandom a day until December 24, I will post a Master List of all the fics collected.

Simple. Easy. Awesome.

Rec Your Favorite Fics Here!
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Have you ever read a fic that you really liked, but forgot to bookmark it? Or maybe you lost your bookmarks somewhere along the way, but you'd really like to read that fic again. If only you remember the title, or author, or where you found it in the first place... Why not ask the members at [livejournal.com profile] ff_ficfinder?

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[livejournal.com profile] xover_exchange is a multifandom fanfic exchange that focuses on crossovers. Firefly is one of the official fandoms, and we'd love to see more FF authors signed up.

posted with mod permission
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I hope very much you all could help me, as I haven't found a official Firefly fic search community. Am very sorry to bother you with this.

I am searching for fanfiction where River is not the only one special talented but Simon as well.

Once I read a one shot or short story where Simon makes an offhand remark about the difficulty in rescuing River from the compound where she was kept and Mal was confused about that as Simon told an other story of Rivers rescue before and then River remarks "Simon had first to break out and then could he return to get me".
Or something like that.

Thanks for the help
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Is anyone interested in a FIREFLY BIG BANG? The Poll is at the link!

If you do not have a Dw account, you can answer the poll by using your OpenID account (link to FAQ).

A Big Bang is a challenge for writers to write a complete 20,000 word fic (it might be longer; this is the typical minimum), and for artists/vidders to illustrate them. They take place over several months - typically you get at least two or three months to write a fic.

It may be hosted at Dreamwidth, but regardless of whether you're a Dw user, I'm sure everyone's allowed to participate.

Leave thoughts at the Dw entry linked above!
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First off, to everyone who is taking the time to properly tag all their fics here, THANK YOU! You are totally awesome!!! :-)

Secondly, as much as I'd like to make sure that every single story is tagged, I simply don't have the time. I've gone through hundreds (maybe even thousands) of stories here, and that didn't even seem to scratch the surface. We have TONS of authors writing TONS of shiny fics, with more coming in each day. So I'm going to have to officially turn it over to you guys to manage your own tags from now on. I simply don't have the time to go back through and check them all.

So, perhaps you're wondering WHY you should bother tagging your fic, hmmm? Well, I'll tell you. Tagging your fic makes it easier for others to find it. Plain and simple. If I'm looking for a kick-ass River fic, my first course of action is to click on the "river" tag. And if your fic hasn't been tagged, then it WON'T SHOW UP. So essentially, after it drops off the main page of entries, it will vanish into the bowls of our community, and the likelihood of someone finding it to read it go way down. But if it's tagged appropriately, then somebody like me who's looking through the "river" tag, for instance, will be able to find TONS of older fic, all about the youngest Tam. And boom, your fic gets read again and possibly even receives some shiny feedback!

However, tagging is not a requirement by any means. If you don't do it, I'm not going to come make you or anything. It simply means that your fic has a smaller chance of being noticed once it drops off the main page.

Anyway, okay, so now that I've talked some about WHY you should tag, here's a little bit about HOW you should tag. You see, it seems like a few of our tags are a touch unclear, so here's the skinny on the ones most often misused:

  1. The "serenity" tag is not for fic written about the pilot episode or the movie. It's for fic that include the starship Serenity as a major character in some way. That doesn't mean your fic about the ship Serenity can't take place during either of those times, because it can, but the timing alone does not equal use of the "serenity" tag. The ship itself MUST be a major character or play an especially important role in the fic for that tag to apply.

  2. When adding your entry tags, please DO NOT use the "other" tag for regular fic posts. It is not meant to signify a character other than the main nine. Rather, it is for non-fic posts. (e.g. beta requests, links, etc.) Okay, so some people couldn't seem to get a handle on this, so I've renamed the tag to "non-fic" instead, and deleted the tag from all the posts that used it inappropriately. Hopefully this will prevent further confusion on the matter.

  3. If you are using a minor character from the show (i.e. characters like Saffron, Mr. Universe, Nandi, etc.) and there isn't an entry tag created for them yet, please let me know by making a post with the subject line "Tag Request" and the name of the character you need a tag for. Once I've created the appropriate tag, I will delete the post, so there's no need to tag your tag request posts. And if you make your tag request post and more than a week passes without a reply of some sort from me (sometimes RL gets busy and I can't check on my LJ communities as much as I'd like to), then please drop me a comment, either in my personal journal or on one of my posts here. And hopefully then I'll get the email notification and be able to quickly make you the tag that you need.

  4. If you're writing a crossover with another show/movie/book/etc. then please use the "xover" tag on your story. However, you will not be able to tag your story with the name of the secondary fandom or the names of any non-Firefly characters. Just using "xover" will have to suffice.

  5. If your story features an original character of some sort, either use "omc" or "ofc" (depending on if your new character is a man or a woman).

Okay, tagging lecture over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Firefly fic!
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Alright everyone, I know it's been a while, but it's time for a little administrative business!

First off, this is a Firefly-only comm. Please do not post things that do not pertain to the show. I just had to delete a spam post, which made me frown. Your posts need to be about Firefly: namely FANFICTION dealing with Firefly! You are allowed to post ads/pimping for other Firefly related things on a limited basis, but that's it. So, for instance, "WATCH MOVIES ONLINE FOR FREE" posts will not be allowed. They will be deleted and marked as spam.

Secondly, I've changed the community status back to unlocked. I have always preferred this comm to be open to anyone who wished to read the stories, and so I decided to restore that aspect. All posts that were locked may be retroactively unlocked if the author wishes. I will leave that up to the discretion of the individual authors. But going forward, all posts will default to unlocked. HOWEVER, I would take it as a kindness if any posts containing Tamcest would be locked by the authors. If I see a post with R or higher rated Simon/River that is unlocked, I will first post a comment requesting the author to lock it. And then, if after a day or so it is not locked, I will delete it. But this will ONLY be for Tamcest posts, nothing else. And if anyone else notices a Tamcest post that is unlocked that I may have missed, please feel free to let me know about it so that I might ask for it to be locked. I'd appreciate it a lot!

And lastly, the status of the community has been changed to "Adult Content" because I felt there was enough R and NC17 fic posted here to warrant it. So if you see that little "this community might have adult content" warning, that's why.

Thank you and goodnight from your friendly, neighborhood mod! :-)
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Okay, so as it stands right now, we're quite a bit short of what we'd need help-wise to make it feasible to lock just the adult posts.

Basically, with the amount of help that has been offered, we could assign one year (+ or - a couple of months) to be split amongst the volunteers, which would leave about 3 years to be tackled by [livejournal.com profile] kernelm and myself. That's close to twenty months worth of posts each that would need to be gone through, every single post being evaluated on a case-by-case basis. And though I appreciate and even agree that the comm would be better served by only locking the adult stuff, I just don't have the time to go through that many posts by myself, and neither does he.

I'm going to give the poll another day or two, but if things continue to go as they have been, expect me to begin the full lockdown sometime this weekend, or perhaps early next week.

Thanks for all your input, guys! And also, thank you to everyone who volunteered to help. It really means a lot to me, even though it looks like your help probably won't wind up being required.

ETA 08/24/07: We've gotten some more responses in the poll, and the numbers are starting to look better. I'd still like to get a few more helpers if possible, but things are looking up. I'll actually go through and get a more thorough break down of the numbers this weekend and let you guys know how things look.
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Okay, so thanks to many concerned parties giving me information in the earlier thread about locking the comm, we've managed to clarify that some of the more worrisome aspects of LJ's TOS are specified for photos/art, and not for text/stories. However, due to the craziness at LJ lately, it's hard to 100% trust in anything they say. So I have decided that no matter what we need to lock the adult material down. It's safer for the comm's maintainers; it's safer for all the authors, and it's just safer for the comm in general. However, I don't necessarily think that EVERYTHING needs to be locked.

So here's the deal. We have a script that will allow us to automatically comment on all unlocked posts asking for locks. It's been tested on a dummy comm, and it passed with flying colors. This same script will help us search out unlocked posts for deletion should it come to that. Basically, by using this script, doing a full-comm lockdown will be fairly easy and stress free, and it won't require a bunch of extra help from you guys (other than the simple act of locking any stories you get comment notifications on).

But just locking the adult fic? That makes everything MUCH more complex. That requires people to go through and check each month, evaluating each fic on a case-by-case basis to see if it requires locking. Sure, we can modify the script to look for certain trigger words like R, NC17, adult, CSI, Tamcest, etc. However, that isn't 100% guaranteed, and should only be used as a way to get us started. Also, even after all the past stuff is sorted, what about the future stuff? We'll need to have people continually checking to make sure the guidelines are being followed.

Basically, to lock the whole comm, we won't need much (if any) help. But to only lock adult fic, we need help. Serious help.

So here's the poll. Please vote honestly. If you want only adult fic locked, but you can't help out at all, then say so. Do not promise help if you can't give it. And be honest about the amount of help you can give. Don't say you can help a lot, when you can really only help a little, if at all.

I know I asked some of this before in the old poll, but please indulge me by voting again. And don't sign up for more than you know you can do.

And just to be clear, if I don't get enough of a response, I'll be locking the whole comm. This isn't a threat or anything; it's just facts. If I don't have enough people to help, the task becomes too monumental for me to undertake alone.

Thanks for your input! And I promise that this will all be sorted out soon.

[Poll #1042468]

Oh, and remember that "a month's worth" just means one month of fic in the archive (i.e. you might be assigned the month of June 2005, for example). To comment on them shouldn't take more than a few hours on average if you sat down and just did the whole month at once. At the most, it might be a job for a couple of nights in a row, I should think. This has yet to be officially tested, but that's my ballpark guess. And all amounts are negotiable. I'm just trying to get a feel for who can help more and who can't.
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Okay, GreatestJournal is ahead in the poll, but InsaneJournal is making a pretty decent showing, too. So I decided it would be prudent to just reserve our name in both places. If you have an acct. at either hosting service, feel free to friend/join the new comm. However, it's just a placeholder for now, so there won't be much going on there.

But anyhoo, in the event of a TOSing (god forbid!) here at our main home, look to these places for details on how we'll be proceeding.


ETA: Reserved our name at JF, too. Figured it couldn't hurt. Link added above.

I also have personal journals hosted on all three sites (IJ, GJ, JF), and they are under the same username (virtualinsomnia), so if the worst happens and info is slow in coming on the comms, you could always check there, as well.
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I'm planning on making a backup of the whole archive that will remain offline for now, and it will be updated once a week or so. I already have the framework for this in place, and a backup from back in May when this whole thing with LJ went down the first time. (Say thanks to the awesome [livejournal.com profile] kernelm for making this happen!)

I don't want to actually make a full-on secondary archive online until I'm forced to, as this will be a huge amount of work, I'm sure. However, I would like to try and reserve our name at the service of our choice. That way, should the worst happen, you guys will already know exactly where the archive will turn back up.

So, to that end, a poll...

[Poll #1036653]

Relevant links

The four LJ-style journaling services I know of so far:

An LJ comm made to help people who are planning to move. It has an entire thread devoted to getting people JournalFen invites if they want them.
[livejournal.com profile] leavin_eljay

Oh, and it goes without saying that I hope we're NEVER forced to move, yes? This is just worst case scenario planning. I intend to try and keep us here on LJ for as long as humanly possible.
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Sorry to be so spammy lately! Hopefully we'll get things ironed out and formulate a plan of action soon, so the focus can go back to the fic.


Now, before I continue working on the lock down issue, I think our next step needs to be a back-up archive. It needs to be somewhere that uses LJ code, so that I can transfer the comm over (hopefully) without too much stress.

Here are the three places I know of that could work:

Home of Fandom Wank, so fandom people are a pretty big presence here. And I already have a free acct. with them, so I'm familiar with how they work. Sadly, they are not giving out free invites right now. But all that would be needed is one person with a paid acct. to request an invite, and we'd be in. Of course, the no freebies without an invite issue could prevent some of our members from following us over, which would be a huge problem...

I know nothing about this one, except that a lot of the StrikeThrough/BoldGate refugees are migrating here. Does anyone know more about it?

And finally, the land of the thousands of user icons! *g* I already have a free acct. here, so I'm familiar with how things work. And there are quite a few StrikeThrough/BoldGate refugees here as well, from what I've heard. What do other people think of it?

Please suggest any other possibilities you know of in comments. I'll compile them all into a poll and post it later today. Thanks! :-)

ETA: While I still want opinions on where a backup archive might be most at home, I think I will keep the backup offline (and update it periodically) until such a time as it is needed (though hopefully that will never happen). But I will take all the comments to this post about the possible options into account and post a poll tonight, as planned. And then I'll make an acct. at the site that we choose and post the link here. That way, if something ever does happen to this archive, you guys will already know where to look.
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I went ahead and changed the comm's security settings so all posts default to friends only. So whenever anyone posts from now on, it should automatically use the friends only setting. It still might look like it's set to public when you're writing the post, but when it goes through, it should lock down all by itself.

This does not mean we are for sure locking everything down. It can always be undone. I just figured that since the majority consensus seems to be positive (most people either think it should be locked down, or they don't think it's totally needed but won't be upset if it happens, according to the ongoing poll), it would be better to get started now. This way, if/when we start going through and requesting locks on old posts, there will be a few less we have to worry about. :-)

If, for some reason, we ultimately decide against the f-locking in the long run, I can easily change the comm's minimum security level and let people go back and unlock their posts should they wish.

More information on the proposed lock down and back up archive to come, so be on the lookout!

And please go vote in the poll if you haven't already. While I am obviously leaning more towards locking the comm down, nothing is completely set in stone, and the more people to express an opinion, the better I will be able to make a decision that's best for everyone.

In other news, the comm's new layout is finished! Yay! :-)
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y'all see this yet? Interview with Joss Whedon

I know it's not fanfic, but I figured.. you know... it's Joss
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I thought that more people might answer a poll, since it takes less time than writing out a comment. I'm leaning towards flocking everything at this point, since it really does seem safer, but I do want to get as much feedback as possible. Also, the second question is possibly even MORE important than the first, as it will help me figure out how I'm going to go about implementing things if I decide the flocking is definitely a go. It's all hypothetical at this point, of course, but it helps me plan more accurately, seeing as locking down the whole comm is going to be a HUGE undertaking.

Please, please, please vote! And vote honestly. That is crucial. Even if it's to tell me that you hate the idea of friends locking so much that you'd leave the comm over it, I still want to know. I want as much feedback as possible, good and bad. It's the only way to make an informed decision.

Thanks guys! :-)

[Poll #1036003]

Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, on question 2, option 2: when I say "a month" what I mean is a month's worth of fic. Like, you'd be assigned one month of past entries, and your job would be to check and see what fic hasn't been locked and comment on the posts in question requesting that the authors lock them. And then maybe check back in a few days and see if it was done.

It doesn't have to be exactly a month's worth, either. If you felt you could handle 2 or 3 months, that'd be awesome! And if you could only do, say, a week's worth, that would still be very much appreciated. Even a DAY'S worth would be helpful! *g*

ETA: We might not actually need people for question 2, option 2. [livejournal.com profile] kernelm is working on a script that might take a lot of the work out of it. But please still answer that question honestly, if you don't mind. For if the script doesn't work, we'll have to go back to plan B and assign months (or weeks or days) to people.
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Little darling, the smiles returning to their faces,
Little darling, it seems like it's years since it's been here

The fun has started at [livejournal.com profile] two_of_us_fic, the Beatles Lyrics Multifandom Fic Challenge, and you're invited! Like other lyrics-based challenges, we're all about getting inspired by music - and what better source for that inspiration than the Beatles?

All fandoms, writers, pairings and types of fic are welcome - the more the merrier, in fact. Come together, right now - and bring a friend! Signups are now open, so join us and get your inspiration the Beatles way.

Lyrics go out August 23 and stories are due by October 9. See challenge rules and timeline for full details.

And I wanna be a paperback writer...

Note to mods: This is intended only as information for interested writers and readers, and it is not the intention of myself or the community to violate the rules of this comm or harrass members or readers. Please delete this post with my apologies if it is not acceptable.


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