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Name:Firefly Fanfic (the original LJ community)
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Firefly and Serenity Fanfiction
Imported from the ff_fanfic community on LiveJournal, established 2003. Home to over 4000 Firefly stories and counting!

Have some Firefly fanfic that you'd like to share? Then please feel free to post it here. Any pairing, any genre, any fic... as long as it's based on the television show Firefly and/or the movie Serenity.

We are an All!Yay friendly community. What does this mean? It means that we will accept all stories, be they gen, het or slash. Anything is welcome!

We're using tags now. Please check the rules for how to tag your fics.

Any and all fics are accepted, but please do remember to include all the pertinent warnings by using the following header:

Email: (optional)
Rating: (G - NC17)
Pairing: (if any, please note if it's gen, het or slash)
Warning: (if needed)
Sequel To: (if needed)
Series: (if needed)
Author's Note: (optional)

And please, if the fic is longer than 500 words, use the cut tags in order to save space on the main page.

Posting outside links to fics is also acceptable, but please remember to include the header anyway so that potential readers will know what they're clicking on.

Special announcements and beta requests are also allowed, within reason. General rule of thumb? Don't post more than one non-fic post here a week. If this becomes a problem in the future and the announcements/requests start to outweigh the actual fics, then the rules will be changed.


The views expressed in the stories posted to this community are not endorsed by the community itself. The characters and situations described in said stories are fictional, and this community does not claim responsibility for anything written in these stories.

All characters/settings used in the stories posted to this community belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox and Universal, respectively. We claim no ownership of said characters/settings, and we make no profit off of them.

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