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Title: Damage Done
Author: Jedi Buttercup
Rating: PG-15 for dark themes
Characters: Mal and The Operative
Disclaimer: Whedon's &etc., not mine.
Notes: Slightly AU for the end of the BDM. Title and a few lines of dialogue lifted from the Serenity script. Because some situations are less simple than we see.

Summary: Mal was fed up to the back teeth with folk warped by Alliance ideals dying senseless, wasteful deaths. 1500 words.

Damage Done )

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Guild Law

Dec. 19th, 2009 10:08 am
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title Guild Law
author [ profile] jebbypal
linkGuild Law
rating everyone
characters Inara, The Operative
genre general
timeline preseries
summary Guild law makes Inara's shuttle sacrosanct and protects her clients from harm
disclaimer I don't own the series or the characters.
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Title: Shadows Have No Color
Author: Emmy
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: R
Summary: Her name was River once. River Tam.
Warnings: AU for the series and the movie, although there are a few spoilers for the movie.
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, et. al. owns Firefly and Serenity. No copyright infringement intended.
Distribution: [ profile] emerald_design, [ profile] ff_fanfic, Emerald Illusions; everyone else, please ask first.
Feedback: Is shiny.
Words: 402 . . . or it was before I edited it. A little over that now. :)

Notes: The man in this story can be as nameless and faceless as he is written - it's up to you. However, in my mind, he's always been The Operative.

Thanks so much to Shannon and Danielle for the beta!

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Title: Betrayal
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Characters: Mal, Kaylee, Simon and the Operative
Author: [ profile] goth_huntress
Rating: Work Safe
Word Count: 649
Prompts: Doctor for [ profile] deviant_muses and #38 Rain for [ profile] joss100
for [ profile] dark_mirror_fic, [ profile] deviant_muses, [ profile] joss100

What if Mal betrayed the Tams?... )
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Titles: Warm, Scrapings, Change, Saves Nine, Times Were
Characters: All contain Mal, Warm contains River and Simon, Scrapings contains Zoe, Change contains Mal/Inara, Saves Nine contains Serenity, Times Were contains the Operative
Warnings: Angst, sort of sap
Rating: G

( Five more five sentence fics )
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Disclaimer:These are not my characters and not my 'verse. All hail Joss.

Prompt: Mal, Book, Haven
For: [ profile] flawed_karma
Rating: G
Warning: slight BDM/TLB spoilers
Character(s): Mal, Book, mention of others

It's all good )

Prompt: Kaylee, Haven
For: [ profile] the_girl_20
Rating: G
Warning: BDM spoilers
Character(s): Kaylee, mention of others

It's too much )

Prompt: Mal, The man with no name, Haven
For: [ profile] thunarr
Rating: G
Warning: BDM spoilers - set very soon post BDM
Character(s): Mal, Operative, mention of others

Someone you knew? )
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Title: “Righteousness”
Author: Lyrstzha
Summary: There's more than one loose end left to unravel alone in the black.
Rating: PG-13
Characters & Pairing: The Operative/Jubal Early slash. No, really.
Warnings: Somewhat creepifying. Also, there's some death.
Spoilers/Timeline: Right after the end of Serenity; contains spoilers for the BDM and "Objects in Space".
Disclaimer: This is not my sandbox.
Feedback: Would be pretty spiffy.



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