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More Kaylee-Inara interaction for [ profile] friendlytampon. Still not lighthearted. I must be in that kind of mood. Thanks to [ profile] the_girl_20 for suggesting the subject. Beta thanks to [ profile] lvs2read and [ profile] noneofyours who helped me with Kaylee and Inara respectively.

Disclaimer:These are not my characters and not my 'verse. All hail Joss.
Author: [ profile] woodsong_1978
Title: Still Talkin'
Summary: Serenity's not alone any more
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers for Objects In Space
Character(s): Kaylee, Inara

(She hadn't been back)
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Title: “Righteousness”
Author: Lyrstzha
Summary: There's more than one loose end left to unravel alone in the black.
Rating: PG-13
Characters & Pairing: The Operative/Jubal Early slash. No, really.
Warnings: Somewhat creepifying. Also, there's some death.
Spoilers/Timeline: Right after the end of Serenity; contains spoilers for the BDM and "Objects in Space".
Disclaimer: This is not my sandbox.
Feedback: Would be pretty spiffy.

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Title: Just Like Any Girl Would Be
Author: Ragdoll
Summary: The job is complete, and healing begins.
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Mal, Kaylee, Simon, Bester, with cameos by River, Jayne and Inara
Pairing: Simon/Kaylee...bout time
Spoilers/Timeline: post-OiS and makes reference to Serenity
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters...except for Olivia Lennon..BWAHAHAHAHA!

The last installment...finally )

Look! Cuteness for Valentines Day!
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Title: Just Like Any Girl Would Be
Author: Ragdoll
Summary: Simon looks after Kaylee and sings, the mission is described and an unexpected visitor makes for a new mechanic
Rating: PG
Characters: Simon, unconcious Kaylee, River, Mal, Zoe, Wash and Bester
Pairing: None yet...slowly inching it's way towards Kaylee/Simon
Warning: None
Spoilers/Timeline: Post OiS
Sequel To: Part Four of my story I've been working on
Disclaimer: I'm poor, so don't sue me. I do not own the characters.

Read more... )
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Title: Just Like Any Girl Would Be
Author: Ragdoll
Summary: Kaylee is found and tended to
Rating: R
Characters: Simon, Kaylee, Mal, River, Inara, some Book, Zoe and Wash lines and shooting Jayne
Pairing: None yet
Warning: Kinda dark
Spoilers/Timeline: Post OiS
Sequel To: Part Three of my story I've been working on
Disclaimer: I'm a bitch, and don't own the characters.

Part Three )

More Chinese )
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Title: Just Like Any Girl Would Be...part two!
Author: Ragdoll
Summary: A new job possibility brings the crew to Londinum, where an old acquantince is waiting.
Rating: PG for this section
Characters: Mal, Simon, River, Kaylee, Inara and lines of the Jayne and Zoe nature
Spoilers/Timeline: Post-OiS
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, just the twisted idea that has festered in my brain so that I write this.
Author's Note: Well...I figured I might as well continue this story, even if I don't get feedback because I like where it's going.

Part two )
The mark of a great writer is that they won't leave you hanging. The mark of a good writer is that they have some idea of where they will go and it will be posted soon. I guess I'm an alright writer....*snicker*
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Title: Just Like Any Girl Would Be
Author: Ragdoll
Summary: Few days after the whole thing with Early. Things are basically back to normal, or so it appears on the surface. Please note. I fail with summaries.
Rating: I'm going to say PG-13 for Chinese swearing and mention of threatened rape
Characters: Mal, Kaylee, Simon and River. Mentions of Zoe, Wash, Jayne, Inara and Book
Pairing: None as of now
Warning: Disturbing thoughts because I wrote it, and I would say OOC, but the fact of the matter is...we don't really know what the characters are thinking, we just know how they act and that it could just be an act they put on, especially after all that has happened.
Spoilers/Timeline: Post "Objects in Space"
Disclaimer: Obviously I'm not Joss Whedon...meaning none of the characters are mine. I just use them for my own personal enjoyment....yes, that was meant to sound weird....leave me alone >.>
Author's Note: First Firefly fic I've yeah...forgive me...please don't throw tomatoes at me.. and whatever chinese isn't found on Firefly websites is basically my pathetic attempt at sentance yeah....if sucks, I apologize. Obviously, it's not finished, just something I thought up last night and want to know if I should continue it. Read at your own risk.

Just Like Any Girl Would Be )

Chinese Translations )

I figured I'd stop and see if I should continue or what not...yeah...sorry for insulting your intelligence with this.
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TITLE: Pons Asinorum (The Bridge of Fools)
SPOILERS: Objects in Space
SUMMARY: Nothing is as it seems.
CHARACTERS: Book, Simon, Early, River
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. All belongs to Joss. Please don’t sue.

( He’s one of them, just as he intended to be when he first set foot on this ship. He’s family. )
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Title: Serenity Elementary School.
Author: [ profile] tyreseus
Summary: The characters of Firefly are preteen school children.
Rating (G through NC17): PG
Characters: All regulars, plus Jubal Early
Pairing (if any, please note if it's Gen, Het or Slash): Not really anything sexual.
Spoilers/Timeline: General character types and relationships. AU timeline.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Author's Note (optional): Hi, I'm really new to fanfic, but thought I'd post this attempt. The inspiration came from an essay where I criticized the Inara/Mal relationshp as seeming really immature.

Click here for the story.


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