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As promised, here are the COMPLETE rules for how to tag your fic!
UPDATED as of 03/12/09!

  1. Admin Posts.
    Admin posts are marked "admin" (and only I make those). Please do not use the "admin" tag for anything unless I have given you special permission to do so.

  2. Basic Fic Posts.
    Fic posts are tagged with the names of the main characters in the fic. The tags are lowercase and use first names only (whenever possible). So a fic about Mal and Wash getting stranded on Whitefall for some wacky adventures would most likely be tagged "mal" and "wash."

  3. Crossover Fic.
    If you post a crossover fic, please include the tag "xover" along with the Firefly characters that feature in the fic. Crossover fic will NOT be tagged with any of the non-Firefly characters or fandoms.

  4. Original Characters.
    If your story features an original character of some sort, either use "omc" or "ofc" (depending on if your new character is male or female).

  5. Pairings.
    If your fic features a pairing, I have made tags for those as well. For now, I am only tagging pairings that are some combination of the nine major characters. (So, for example, Mal/Simon has a tag, but Mal/Saffron does not.) When tagging your fic, please remember to include both the individual characters AND the pairing. (i.e. Jaylee fic would be tagged "kaylee," "jayne" and "kaylee/jayne.") These pairing tags are for ROMANTIC PAIRINGS ONLY. If it's just a friendship or gen piece, please refrain from using pairing tags.

  6. CSI.
    All CSI fic should be locked. If you don't know what this means or why we're doing this, please go here.

  7. Pairings Featuring Secondary Characters.
    If your pairing is between one or more of the secondary characters (i.e. Saffron, Badger, Nandi, etc.), as I said before, there will not be a pairing tag for you to use. I'm sorry, but the tags have almost tripled in number just with the pairings I've already added! If I had to include all the possible pairings for every character who was ever on screen for more than a few seconds, well, quite frankly, I'd never leave my computer! So if, say, you're writing a scorching hot Mal/Nandi PWP, that's fabulous, really. And it's more than welcome here! But you'll just have to settle for tagging it as "mal" and as "nandi" instead of as "mal/nandi."

  8. Threesomes.
    And what about threesomes, you might ask? Well, I'm not going to tag for those, either. So if you wrote a Mal/Zoe/Wash piece, you'll just have to settle for tagging it "mal/zoe," "mal/wash" and "wash/zoe."

  9. Full Crew.
    So you wrote a gen piece featuring the entire crew equally? Well, we have a special tag just for that. Instead of tagging it for all nine characters, just tag it "crew" and save yourself some trouble. :)

  10. Serenity.
    The "serenity" tag is not for BDM fic and/or pilot fic. (We don't tag by spoilers/timeline here, just by characters.) It's for fic that features the ship itself as a major character in some way. It doesn't have to be in Serenity's POV (though it very well could be, I suppose), but if you feel Serenity's a major enough presence in the fic to require its own tag, then I went ahead and provided one. However, please don't use this tag for just any old fic set aboard the ship. Serenity needs to play a major role in the story somehow for this tag to apply.

  11. Other Posts.
    Please DO NOT use the "other" tag for regular fic posts. It is not meant to signify a character other than the main nine. Rather, it is for non-fic posts. (i.e. beta requests, links, etc.) Okay, we continued to have a problem with people misusing this tag, so I have renamed it to "non-fic," which will hopefully alleviate some of the confusion.

  12. Tag Requests.
    If you are using a character or pairing from the show and there isn't an entry tag created for them yet (but you feel there should be), please let me know by making a post to the community with the subject line "Tag Request" and the name of the character or pairing you need a tag for. Once I've created the appropriate tag, I will delete the post, so there's no need to tag your tag requests.

    If I have not gotten to your tag request within a week's time, please do not repost the request. Rather, leave me a comment (either on one of the many admin posts here or at my personal lj) with a link to your tag request post, and I will (the lj gods willing) be notified by email.

  13. ***

    Please, in the future try to tag your posts appropriately. It will save me a lot of time if I don't have to tag every new post.

    I'm working on getting all the old posts tagged, but seeing as we have over 1000 members and have been running since 2003, it will take a while. Please be patient with me.

    Also, if you've posted a fic in the past and want to tag it yourself, please feel free. It would save me time. And if you see that I've tagged your fic, but perhaps I didn't include a character or pairing that you feel should be included, feel free to edit the tags appropriately. I'm not perfect, and I do make mistakes, after all.
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