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In light of recent changes around LJ land, we will soon be importing this community to DreamWidth as a backup. I didn't want to risk over a decade of Firefly-themed fic posts being lost if the worst happens.

For the curious, is our eventual destination (alas, our exact name was already taken over there).

If anyone does not wish their posts to get imported to DW, you will need to go in and delete them. Eiither do so here on LJ beforehand or on DW afterwards using the OpenID identity account that corresponds to the post in question. Anyone who wants to delete their posts is welcome to, though I hope most people won't because it'd be sad to lose any fic.

The import should happen within the next few days, though I can't give an exact date since it depends on the DW import queue.

Once the imported archive is live on DW, it will be a static copy of things over here as they are now. The only way to update with any new LJ posts is to do a re-import. We don't get nearly as much traffic around here as we used to, so I don't see that being necessary for a while. Though obviously it's a fully working DW community, so people could join it and begin using it over there, and I welcome anyone who wishes to do so!

I'll let you guys know when the import is done.

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