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Hey, it's great to see people posting Firefly fic! Here's one I just dashed off for a challenge at [ profile] womenverse, to do something featuring our favorite characters on a rainy day....

moon party header

Fandom: Firefly
Words: 502
Rating: Very G.

"Have fun!" called out Kaylee as the mule headed down the gangplank, swerving in the mud and throwing up an arc of rainwater in its wake. She punched the button and watched the cargo bay doors close, the torrents of rain pouring over the rim but staying out of the cargo hold.

"Golly, it's really comin' down," she murmured to herself. "Hope that canopy I rigged up keeps 'em dry, least 'til they can make it to town." She whistled happily as she climbed the stairs. It was kinda nice to see a rainstorm--spending so much time in The Black, you got to missing real weather. As she crossed into the bunk way, she spotted Zoe headed out of the bridge. "All shipshape, Cap'n?" she sang out teasingly. Zoe raised her hands like surrender. "Only the first mate here," she said, smiling. "Let's hope we got no need for any leadership while we wait for them all to get done. They get off okay?" she added, nodding toward the hold.

"Sure," Kaylee shrugged. "Not gonna stay dry though. It's really coming down out there," she repeated, as they passed together into the lounge. They both looked up at the ceiling windows, at the grey light and the water washing down. "Better them than us," said Zoe lightly.

"Yeah, no one here but us gals for a couple hours." Kaylee's eyes lit up. "I know! Let's have a Moon Party!"

"Moon Party, that sounds lovely!" Inara came into the dining room and headed for the kitchen. "Is that a tradition from your home world?"

"Moon Party, that is irrational during the daylight hours," intoned River, as she popped her head up over the back of the sofa.

Kaylee let out a squeak of surprise, but recovered quickly. "Well, it's not to do with the nighttime moon, more like, well, you know, women together and all." She looked at the others. "Yeah, it's a home thing, where the women would take a day, a rainy day, just to be together, away from the men, and get a holiday from cooking and cleaning and taking care of babies. They gather, and eat, and pamper themselves, and eat some more, and drink. Not even quilting or sewing or nothing, since that's too much like work." She looked pensive. "I was never partial to it; d'rather be out with the menfolk, working on machines and such." Her brightness dimmed a bit. "But now, I'm sorry I didn't do more of it."

Inara drifted out of the kitchen and set a tray on the table--a tray with teacups, teapot, and a plate of biscuits. "Come, sit," she invited, "We'll have our very own Moon Party; here are some treats, and we'll follow this up with facials and nail-painting."

"Yay!" Kaylee plopped at the table and reached for a biscuit, as Zoe shrugged and took a seat, and River slipped over the back of the sofa to join them. As the rain lashed the outside of Serenity, the inside was filled with their laughter.


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